Thursday, September 27, 2012

CoolerMaster Laptop NotePal ERGO 360 feature tablet stand

CoolerMaster NotePal ERGO 360

quick and easy Laptop CoolerMaster .

CoolerMaster built in a handy swiveling arm that makes setting your desired angle quick and easy. Anything from nearly flat to a sharp ~60-degree angle is possible. For most people who leave their laptop in place on
their desk, this feature is of little use. Still, it’s nice to have. What is really impressive, though, is that CoolerMaster has made this arm removable and designed it with its own lip to double as a tablet stand. For someone who’s gotten rid of their laptop or has a secondary device like a tablet, being able to prop that up is a pretty awesome side benefit in our book.

Performance from the ERGO 360 is enough to keep us (and we assume you) happy. It isn’t a magical device that cuts the temperature of your laptop’s internal components by half. That said, it will shave off a decent 5-10 degrees (Celsius) depending on your device and how hard you’re using it. In the world of electronics, that’s a pretty big window.


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