Tuesday, April 14, 2015

verification procedure to open account ID in NETELLER

The first is to provide your personal details. The page has fields where you will have to enter your email address and confirm it. You will then have to select your country of residence – India.

 Next, you will have to indicate the currency in which you want to register the account – Indian Rupee. Click on the button tagged “Continue”. By doing this, you will be confirming that you accept the privacy policy and terms of use laid out by NETELLER.

Ensure that you fill out these details accurately. It is best to take a screen shot of the page after you have filled out the details. This can serve as a record which you can refer to later, if needed. Once you complete the verification procedure, NETELLER will email a secure ID and account ID.

 The secure ID comprises of 6 digits, while the account ID has 12. Save them, as you require the IDs to use your account.you will have to use your password only when logging in to your account at NETELLER. The secure ID provided should be used only when you make a transfer to a site.

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