Monday, October 01, 2012

Only 4% of iOS 6 users use Apple Maps, mobile data Google Maps

According to new data, only 4% of iOS 6 users use the bug-infested Apple Maps app.
The figures come from Snappli, a mobile data management firm. The company prevents mobile phone users from going over their limit by compressing video and data. This new data comes from iOS 6 users from the
US and the UK.
According to their findings, 25% of the iOS users made use of Google Maps daily before they made the switch to iOS 6.
Soon after the update was installed on devices, 35% of the 5,000 iOS 6 users tried out Apple Maps each and every day.
In the following days, that 35% made a dramatic drop to just 4%. This means that only one out of 25 iOS 6 Snappli users still use Apple Maps, probably still hoping that the service would improve.
If Apple doesn’t fix the problem, we won’t be surprised if the number of Apple Maps users on iPhones or iPads will drop even lower and even cease to exist.
Take note, however, that Snappli’s figures come from its own data. So it’s difficult to say if all iOS 6 users are affected.
Are you an iOS 6 user? Have you given up hope on Apple Maps, or are you still hoping that Apple fixes the issues surrounding their mapping service? Share your thoughts through a comment on our Facebook page.

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