Wednesday, October 03, 2012

One-third of mobile phone users prepare to change network

Recently, 31% of Latvian mobile phone (including smartphones) owners have considered changing their network operators. However, only 15% of respondents noted that they really did change their network operators.
Estonians considered changing their network operators more often than the rest of Baltic residents (38%). 34% of Lithuanians considered the idea, but only 17% actually did. In general, operator change was considered by Baltic mobile phone owners with constant connection, as stated in the survey of GfK Custom Research Baltic regarding the telecommunications industry in the Baltic countries.
According to the survey, when assessing the offers of different mobile operators, only 11% of internet users in Latvia fully agree that internet speed in their mobile phones adheres to the operator’s offer. 10% of Estonian internet users fully agree with this this statement, while the same index in Lithuania is much higher – 17%.
The situation with data service price policy of mobile operators is much more positive in the Baltic countries. Two thirds of Latvian internet users have noted that they understand the price policy of their operators, which is the highest index among the Baltic countries. Lithuanian and Estonian internet users evaluated this somewhat lower. However, data service price policy is definitely clear to more than half of respondents of these two countries.
Meanwhile, Lithuanians wish to use WiFi in the city (in cafes, in the parks, in public transport) more often than residents of other Baltic countries. 61% of Latvian and 58% of Estonian internet users also agree with this idea.
The survey reveals that 54% of Latvian respondents would gladly watch TV on their laptop or Tablet PC, while the idea of watching TV on a mobile phone was supported by a smaller proportion of respondents – 27%.
The situation with the telecommunications industry in all Baltic countries is generally evaluated as good.

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