Wednesday, October 03, 2012

MTS mAd" Make Free Local Calls by Watching Advertisement

  MTS India has announced another free calling service in collaboration with advertiser who wanna display their advertisements on customers mobile. Now while there ads will be displayed they will pay the prices to the company and hence you are rewarded with free local calls.
This service can be a new way of targeting new customers and expanding their user base, well no one can claim that how successful this campaign will be for MTS India but still as our growing community and online ads world this project is really innovative, so its like getting new stuff through advertisement's and making free calls side by side.
If we talk about the service activation and other charges its totally free, so if you are a MTS Customer than you can easily activate this service and download their application on your device. Well there are not charges for app downloads and video advertisement streaming. So below are the steps you can follow to activate their service and start making free local calls.
For right now customers using Android Device and MTS Network can avail this service but the company is still in process to expand their reach to other smartphones. Soon other brand will have an option to download their apps and make free calls easily.
  1. From your Android Device you need to send an SMS typing Free and sending it to their toll free number 5559 or you can also call their customer care executive.
  2. After your sms has been delivered you will get the mAd app download link which you have to install on your device.
  3. Now after the app has been installed a demo video will start playing explaining you about the whole process and benefits of their service.
  4. Now when you will make a call a popup will ask you about making a free "Free call" or "Paid call".
  5. Now if you choose the Free call option the video will start playing for about 20-30 seconds long and than your call be automatically connected and you can enjoy free 60 seconds call.
  6. Obviously there is some free call limit so when its over you won’t see any free call popup while making calls.

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