Monday, October 01, 2012

Always protect your Mobile Data with strong Best Practices

When using a mobile device follow these best practices:

  1.  Always use a strong password.
  2. Only place sensitive information on a mobile device if it is absolutely necessary, the device can protect it, and the device is approved for business use.
  3. If you must store sensitive information on a mobile device, consider encrypting the data, which is a way of electronically locking it.
  4. Backup key data stored on mobile devices regularly and store that data in a secure location.
  5. Be on guard for shoulder-surfers (people to peek over your shoulder at your data) and consider a security cover that prevents screen from being read from the side.
6. Watch out for thieves looking to steal your mobile device.

7. Enable remote location or  device kill and data deletion allowing administrators to clear all data and settings on lost or stolen devices (where is my iPhone)

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