Thursday, October 04, 2012

Airtel 4G Data Plans 4G Circle Offers Review full details

Airtel is going to launch 4g network in soon at India. For that in advance we are giving the full details about 4g network. Aircel has planning to officially launch 4g circle in Andhra Pradesh (AP). According to the both reason we are giving this valuable details to our visitors.

Airtel 4G is a fourth generation communication technology in mobile networks. This is up coming next step wireless communication system for Indian people. With this 4g network we will get excellent fastest communications with our beloved ones. This is the main advantage in 4g network.

 The 4G system is very faster than 3g network. Now we all are using 2g in our mobiles. Recently the 3g services have entered in our lifes but not fully. It will take some more extra time to expand in all type of people.

When comparing with 2g circle it is 200 times faster than present 2G And 10 times faster than present 3G broadband. In 2g 3g both networks the cost of data charges very high by this upcoming 4g network the costage will going to decrease greatly. This is very happy news to the internet surfing people.

When comparing with 2g 3g connection speeds it is more faster. The minimum speed will be 512 kbps and maximum 10Mbps. Now we are using 216 kbps with 2g and 3.6mbps with 3g networks. In soon we are going to use 10 mbps with 4g.

Advantages with 4G network
4G was integrated service
It contains fully IP-based integrated system.
Having Capacity to expand the speed limit from 10 mbps to 100 mbps
It will work on both indoor out door
It provides High premium quality and high security.
4G offers high speed internet in Affordable cost.
4G technology allow high-quality smooth video transmission
By this we will enable fast downloading of full-length songs or music pieces in real time.

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