Monday, September 10, 2012

Mobile Price of Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 price in India Buy Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 price of

 Samsung galaxy ace 3 is the on the whole awaited phone in market.Ace 2 and Ace 3 holds a big place in the market It inwards into the market with a big screen of 4.8 inches.

Samsung galaxy ace 3 features of Samsung galaxy ace 3 review

It has 4.8 inch of screen which is less then the screen of galaxy note and more then the screen of Samsung
galaxy Ace 2. HTC one x it also the feature of shutterbug through which one can snap so many pictures at a time and one more feature of this phone is that while making video you can also clicks the also have a face camera of 1.9 mega pixel which provides the function of face detection.

    It is giving you the feature of direct calling it means if you are doing SMS to some one then just by bringing your phone closer to your ear it will automatically make a call to that number.

    It has the function of face detection in front camera that means camera will automatically adjust the time of clicking by detecting your face.

    It has wireless charging that means you don't need to keep that big charger with you for the purpose of charging.

    It also provide you the feature of voice command that means you can command your phone to do something like you can command for alarm,switch on and off,SMS and for
many other things.

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